I am applying for a job. How to write a good CV?

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I am applying for a job

When applying for a job, it is advisable to attach your CV together with your personal information. The CV is an integral part of the application for your chosen position and if it is well written, it can help you progress to the next stages of the selection process.

Do not use one universal CV. If necessary, adapt it so that it best meets the requirements of a job offer.

Before you start writing

Your CV reveals a lot about you, so be careful. It contains a brief overview of your knowledge, skills and experience.

If you are not sure how to proceed when writing your CV, choose simple templates that are organized and make writing easier or create one online on various job portals. A good CV should include the following sections.

Your personal information

First of all, write your first name, surname, address, date of birth, telephone and e-mail. If you have a profile on the professional social network Linkedin, you can also add a link to it.


A current photograph of your face is also necessary in a good CV. The photograph should be formal, with a white background, similar to that on your ID card or passport.



The employer is interested in whether you are a suitable candidate for the offered job position. In this section of the CV, list the knowledge that can increase your chances of getting a job. These can be certificates, courses and experience. Be specific and avoid vague general phrases such as “I can work with a computer”, “I can work with the Internet”.


  • Communication with clients and work with the cash register at the store
  • Marketing assistant license, European Marketing Association
  • Work with Google Documents
  • Basics of working with Google Sheets


If you can speak foreign languages, list them in this part of the CV. Use the standard language levels CEFR as follows:

A1 = beginner
A2 = elementary
B1 = intermediate
B2 = upper-intermediate
C1 = advanced
C2 = proficiency


  • English language – advanced (C1)
  • Russian language – elementary (A2)

Driving licence

It has become standard to mention in your resume whether you have a driver’s license and what vehicles you are authorized to drive. In this section, it is enough to indicate the type of driving license. If you do not have a driver’s license, skip this section.


  • A, B

Work experience

Start with your most recent work experience. Include the years you worked, the title of the position, the name of the employer, a time period and a brief job description. It is also appropriate to mention part-time jobs, internships and volunteering.


Welcome team member
Mareena, Bratislava
March 2022 – Until now
Providing information and taking care of refugees from Ukraine at the border crossing in Vyšné Nemecké.

Marketing specialist
SunPower, Bratislava
January 2020 – February 2022
Graphic and text design of printed materials and PowerPoint presentations of company products and services.


Start with the highest completed level of education. Include the years during which you studied at the school, the name of the school or, if applicable, the field of study. If you have a university or secondary education, do not mention your primary school.


Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Structural Engineering
Technical University in Košice
2017 – 2022

Secondary Grammar School Ševčenkova, Bratislava
2013 – 2017

Interests and personal characteristics

If you want to say something more about yourself and create a more intimate impression of your resume, you can add a section about your interests and characteristics. In this way, you will help the employer to decide whether you would be a suitable member of the team, not only from a professional point of view but also from a human point of view.


I like hiking, cycling and swimming. I am a singer in a pop-rock group. I am punctual and focus on details at work.

Samples CVs

Finally, get inspired by sample CVs.

Table of contents

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