Conditions of entry to Slovakia. Entry with children, pets and measures against COVID-19.

Anyone coming from Ukraine can enter.
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21. April 2023



No COVID test or vaccine required.

Men aged 18-60

Due to the declaration of general mobilization, men aged 18-60 cannot leave the territory of Ukraine. On you can find information about who is exempt from compulsory military service.

Minors and young people up to 18 years of age

Minors and young people under the age of 18 may cross the border in the following cases:

  • The child crosses the border accompanied by at least one parent.
  • The child crosses the border accompanied by a family relative. A family relative can prove that he is related to the child (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate) or has a notarized parental consent to travel.
  • The child crosses the border accompanied by another person who is not a family relative. The accompanying person has a notarized consent from both parents, or from one parent with a verified consent from an institution authorized in Ukraine to grant consent for accompanying a child abroad.
  • The child crosses the border alone, with one adult family member accompanying him to the border and another adult family member taking him over on the Slovak side. Both family members must prove the family relationship to the child with the necessary documents, for example, birth certificates, marriage certificates, or notarized consent of the parent(s) to travel.
  • The child crosses the border alone and no one is waiting for him on the Slovak side of the border. In this case, the child will be taken over by social workers at the border crossing and placed in the care of one of the children’s homes in Slovakia.

The law does not allow crossing the Slovak border, picking up and taking care of other people´s child without the notarized consent of his/her parents or guardians. You need to get this consent in advance.

Taking care of other people’s children

If you are taking a child into your care from his/her parents (e.g. the parents remain outside the territory of Slovakia or no longer live), we recommend that you contact the nearest Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family.

The staff of the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family will provide you with advice regarding the legal residence of children in Slovakia and the granting of guardianship.

Citizens of countries other than Ukraine

If you are not a citizen of Ukraine, but live in Ukraine, Slovakia allows you to enter our territory based on a humanitarian exception.

You can find more information at Legal residence in Slovakia.


In order to be able to bring a companion animal (dog, cat, ferret, rabbit or rodent) to Slovakia, you must meet the following conditions. The same rules apply to citizens of Ukraine as to citizens of other states as of the beginning of the year.

One person is allowed to transport a maximum of 5 animals.

You will be asked to fill out the entry form and show all the following documents during customs control.

  • Marking the animal with a microchip.
  • Valid vaccination against rabies.
  • A valid rabies titre test with a satisfactory result.
  • Accompanying document in the form of a prescribed health certificate confirmed by an official veterinarian.
  • Declaration of the owner about the non-commercial intention of moving the animals (the declaration must be submitted in Slovak and in English; more information will be provided by the veterinarian or you can download a sample declaration from EUR-Lex).

Conditions of valid vaccination

  • The vaccine was administered by an authorized veterinarian, who entered the date of vaccine administration in the veterinary document.
  • The animal was at least 12 weeks old at the time of vaccination.
  • In case of primary vaccination of the animal, the validity period begins 21 days after the vaccination (the next subsequent administration of the vaccine is considered a primary vaccination if it was not carried out within the validity period of the previous vaccination).
  • The validity of the vaccination lasts until the end of the period of protective immunity, as stated in the technical specification of the vaccine, and which was entered by the veterinarian in the veterinary document.

External links

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