Asylum and subsidiary protection

Slovakia grants two types of protection for people in need:

You can apply for asylum directly at the border with police officers carrying out border checks or at any time after entering the territory of the Slovak Republic. To apply for asylum, visit Humenné police station – asylum unit, and state the war in Ukraine as the reason for fleeing.

Adult family members must submit asylum applications individually. Unmarried children under the age of 18 can be included in an application by a parent.

Following the application process, you will be transferred to the asylum centre in Humenné to undergo quarantine, after which you will be transferred to the centre in Rohovce or Opatovská Nová Ves. During the asylum proceedings, you can reside in the territory of the Slovak Republic, but are not entitled to travel outside the country and your passport is withheld. The Ministry of Interior should examine your asylum application within 6 months, but the asylum assessment period can be extended.

During the asylum proceedings, you are not allowed to work, unless you have been previously granted residence in Slovakia. However, if your asylum procedure is pending, you get the right to work after 9 months of the application submission. As an asylum seeker, you are allowed to study and school attendance is mandatory for children under the age of 16.

*From 30.3.2022, it is possible for asylum seekers, who have Ukrainian nationality and their family members, to enter into an employment relationship immediately after applying for asylum. As a family member of a Ukrainian citizen is considered to be the husband of a Ukrainian citizen and the parent of a minor child who is a Ukrainian citizen. For other applicants, this is only possible after 9 months.

If you are granted asylum, you acquire permanent residence in Slovakia, the opportunity to study, work and travel in the EU.

More information on the asylum procedure can be found here: