Information for persons who do not have Ukrainian citizenship

As of 17 March 2022, the temporary refuge is also provided to non-Ukrainian citizens meeting one of the following conditions:

1. is a foreginer, who is not a citizen of Ukraine, who has international protection or equivalent national protection granted on the territory of Ukraine before 24 February 2022, or a family member of such an foreginer, if the family was present and lived in Ukraine before 24 February 2022, the following is considered to be a family member:

  • the spouse of such a foreginer
  • a minor child of such a foreginer or a minor child of the husband of such a foreginer,
  • another close relative of such a foreginer, who lived with him in the same household at the time of the circumstances related to the mass influx of displaced persons and was fully or partially dependent on him,

2. is a foreigner, who is not citizen of Ukraine, have a permanent residence in the territory of Ukraine granted before 24 February 2022, and cannot return to their country or region of origin under safe and stable conditions.


If you are coming to Slovakia from Ukraine but do not have citizenship, please read the following information carefully:

It is necessary for you to report your stay to the Foreign Police within 3 working days of entering the Slovak Republic.

  • The form in different languages can be found here.
  • If you are accommodated in private, it is necessary to bring / send it to the relevant department of the Foreign Police
  • If you are staying in an accommodation facility, the accommodation facility (hotel, hostel, boarding house …) is obliged to report your stay.

From 30.3.2022, third-country citizens have the opportunity to request a voluntary return to their home country after entering the territory of the Slovak republic, while the police department may issue them foregin passport for this purpose.

Temporary/permanent residence

Temporary residence in Slovakia is bound to a specific purpose, for instance: business, employment, study, special activity (such as lecturing), research and development, family reunion and others. You can find the list of available purposes for temporary residence as well as the list of documents needed to obtain them here

Permanent residence in Slovakia can be of 3 types: permanent residence for five years, permanent residence for an unlimited time period (is granted to unidentified period), and long-term residence.

The most common documents must be submitted to obtain residence permit are: valid travel document (passport); document on accommodation; document on financial coverage. But in every case the list of specific documents is determined depending on the basis the residence permit is granting. 

Note: usually if you are over 14, you must prove clean criminal record by submitting a sufficient document when applying for temporary and in some cases for permanent residence. This document must be verified for use abroad (apostille/consular legalization). An extract from the criminal record has to be issued in the country of origin and (if applicable) in the country where the foreigner (applicant) has resided for more than 90 days during 6 consecutive months in the last 3 years. Please read more here.  

In consideration of the war in Ukraine there are two more options to provide the authorities with information stated in the extract of criminal record usually given in Ukraine: 

  • to sign an affidavit on non-conviction and to certify it in the Ukrainian Embassy (the amount of fee is 18 euro). More information on how to do it can be find here;
  • to obtain an extract on criminal prosecution and criminal record within UA digital system (the link to the system is here) and to certify it in the UA Embassy (the amount of fee is 28 euro).  

As of now, mentioned documents are considered as the sufficient papers in such cases. 

All documents submitted with the applications for temporary/permanent residence permit obtaining must not be older than 90 days (except of such documents as birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport etc.). 

All documents issued abroad must be officially certified (apostille/consular legalization) and officially translated into Slovak by a certified translator included in the List of Experts, Interpreters and Translators registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic

Be aware for obtaining temporary or permanent residence permit the applicant has to posses valid international passport. 

In most cases Ukrainian citizens can apply for residence permit from the territory of Slovak Republic. It takes from 30 to 90 days to issue a decision on temporary residence permit granting, and 90 days in relation to permanent residence permit granting. 

For more information on the procedures of temporary/permanent residence permits obtaining please visit the web page of IOM MIGRATION INFORMATION CENTRE (all information is available in English and  in russian languages).