Assistance at the border

There are several state and civic humanitarian organizations at the border crossings in Vyšné Nemecké and Ubľa, which provide FREE basic assistance to incoming people, such as: 

  • refreshments – hot drinks and food,
  • basic hygiene items,
  • medical care,
  • psychological assistance,
  • heated spaces (tents) for rest,
  • advice on the possibilities of stay and movement in the Slovak Republic and the EU,
  • financial services (possibility to withdraw in EUR at ATMs only near the border crossing Vyšné Nemecké).

Only state-organized transport, provided by the Ministry of Transport, can be used directly from the border crossings. From the Ubľa border crossing, transport is provided by mini-buses as needed.

There are two free transport lines from the Vyšné Nemecké and Veľké Slamence border crossing: 

the blue line goes to the large-capacity center in Michalovce, where the following services are provided: 

  • refreshments, 
  • material assistance (hygiene supplies, clothing, footwear, blankets, …) 
  • provision of short-term and long-term accommodation (with the possibility of transport to the accommodation), 
  • health care, 
  • psychological help, 
  • legal advice, 
  • processing the application for temporary refuge, processing the application for social assistance benefit and related allowances (in case the stay of a “resident” is reported in the district of Michalovce), 
  • heated tents for relaxation, 
  • mobile phone charging stations, 
  • free SIM cards with data packages, 
  • pet care (feed, material supplies, chipping), 
  • exchange of hryvnia to euros (daily limit 500 € per person) 


the green line, called transit, goes to the outlying train stations to Michalovce (journey takes about 40 minutes) and Košice (journey takes approximately 1 hour 40 minutes). The destination of this line is determined by the Ministry of Transport on the basis of the capacity of both train stations and can be adjusted even after the bus leaves the border crossing. There is regular public transport between Michalovce and Košice. From both cities you can get by train to other slovak cities, as well as abroad. See the possibilities of train connections and plan a specific connection on the Slovak Railways website.


It is not possible to leave Vyšné Nemecké border crossing in a private transport. If you have secured the private transport, use the yellow line from the border crossing, which leads to the parking lot in Krčava – in the zone “meet and greet” it is possible to wait for relatives and continue the journey by private car. The traffic from Veľké Slemence also works the same way – the yellow line to the “meet and greet” zone is on a nearby football pitch.

Please be cautious at the border crossing area and only follow the instructions of the designated state employees (e. g. police officers). Do not give your documents, money or property to anyone else. Use only official transportation options and check the credibility of a transportation provider with designated state employees or NGO representatives. If you feel you are in danger of human trafficking, contact the National Helpline for Victims of Human Trafficking (0800 800 818).