Entry conditions

With regard to the exceptional nature of the situation, the police of the Slovak Republic at the border crossings allow the entry into the territory of the Slovak Republic to all persons fleeing war in Ukraine.

Following an individual assessment, entry may be granted even to those without a valid travel document (biometric passport). Therefore, we recommend everyone to take any other documents credibly proving their identity (even invalid identity documents) with them.

A COVID test and registration at korona.gov.sk/ehranica are not required to enter the Slovak Republic.

  1. Men aged 18-60: according to available information, men of this age group cannot leave Ukraine due to the general mobilization. Visit visitukraine.today for information on who is exempt from compulsory military service.
  2. Minors: Minors crossing the border on their own, must be accompanied to the crossing point by a family member and picked up by another family member on the Slovak side of the border. Both family members must prove the family relationship by relevant documentation. Any unaccompanied minors not picked up by a relative on the Slovak side of the border, will be taken to the nearest Labor, Social Affairs and Family Office by the police and later moved to a children’s home. We strongly recommend that the child is picked up by a relative, who can prove the relationship with a child, otherwise, the child will be considered an unaccompanied minor and will be placed to a children’s home. 

We absolutely do not recommend accompanying across borders, picking up and caring for a foreign child without the duly documented consent of a parent or guardian. Such proceedings are not possible according to the laws of the Slovak Republic. The child can be entrusted to the care of a foreign person only on the basis of a court decision, even in the case of a foreigner.

3. Citizens of a country other than Ukraine:  Non-Ukrainian nationals living in Ukraine are allowed to enter the Slovak Republic on the basis of a humanitarian exemption. More information about the possibility of staying in Slovakia can be found below.

4. Pets: The State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic has allowed the non-commercial movement of pets to the territory of the Slovak Republic without any documentation. See more information and a form to be filled in when crossing borders. E-mail pets.ua@svps.sk if you need further assistance.