Schools and kindergartens

Children of Ukrainian citizens who have come to Slovakia as a result of the conflict and have applied for temporary refuge or asylum are entitled to free education in Slovakia. This applies to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Compulsory school attendance in Slovakia is mandatory until the age of 16, but applies only to children with permanent residence in Slovakia and does not apply to persons with temporary refuge.


The procedure for enrolling a child in school or kindergarten: 

You can go to the kindergarten or primary school of your choice with a document confirming the granting of temporary refuge (or confirming that temporary refuge or asylum procedures have been initiated) and ask for your child to be enrolled in classes.  Your child will be placed in the appropriate grade according to his/her age, level of education and ability to speak Slovak language.

Inform the headteacher of any special needs your child may have in education, adaption to a new environment or diet.

To remove language barriers for children of foreigners, schools organize Slovak language courses. Find out about the possibilities at the selected school.

Head Teacher of your school will inform you about next steps.

 i: Before starting kindergarten or school, the child must be examined by a pediatrician and a certificate of the child’s health, including details of compulsory vaccinations, must be submitted to the head of kindergarten/school . You can contact a pediatrician according to the recommendation of acquaintances, according to the city district where you live or where the kindergarten/school is located. This examination is reimbursed by the State Health Insurance Company.

You can check vacancies in Slovak schools and kindergartens according to the school map of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak republic. If you are applying for a job in Slovak educational system, you can register on the website.

Information from the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport for people from Ukraine

↗ Guidance for parents when enrolling their children in education SK / UK

↗ Guidelines of the State Pedagogical Institute Education of Children of Foreigners



24/7 support in Ukrainian phone : +421 910 944 825, +421 950 511 776, +421 951 141 060, +421 951 300 053, +421 951 453 061

↗ Web: Information from the Ministry of Education, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic

↗ List of schools in Slovakia

↗ Information about study opportunities at Slovak universities

↗ Search for fields of study at Slovak universities

↗ Materials for individual study of the Slovak language

info: Recognition of foreign education documents in Slovakia

Education is recognised for the purpose to continue studies or for the exercise of regulated professions. If you want to continue your studies and need recognition of secondary education documents, contact the Regional Office of School Administration. Recognition of academic education diplomas is provided by the Centre for the Recognition of Educational Documents of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.   

If you need recognition of a diploma for the purpose of practicing a regulated profession (e.g. health, social work, transport), contact the authority competent for that profession.

Centre for the Recognition of Educational Qualifications of the Ministry of Education and Science, contact: .

In order to obtain a certificate of educational qualifications, the Ukrainian side can be contacted at

Summary information on recognition of documents

Info: Distance learning opportunities for Ukrainian pupils

If your child wishes to participate in distance education only within the Ukrainian education system (and does not participate in the Slovak education system), or if he/she is enrolled in a Slovak school and wishes to participate in distance education also within the Ukrainian education system in the afternoon or during non-school hours in a Slovak school, there are a number of online education options available.

  • “All-Ukrainian School Online” – the main educational platform containing interactive materials (videos, assignments, exercises) based on the official Ukrainian curriculum (18 main subjects). It covers grades 5 – 11. Grades 1-4 are in preparation. .
  • Learning eBooks created by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:
  • School to Go Online, an online learning platform created by Soficreo, offers distance learning classes led by Ukrainian teachers:

For more options, see the Distance Education section of the State Pedagogical Institute website.

Higher vocational and tertiary education

Information on higher vocational and tertiary education opportunities for people coming from Ukraine can be found summarised below, in a presentation from the Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA).