Úsmev ako dar  
Social accompanying, free time activities, scholarships and humanitarian aid.
Assistance services, Community centre, Financial help, Free time activities, Information provision, Legal advisory, Mental health support, Social care
Gréckokatolícka eparchiálna charita Košice  
Provision of services in Support Centres in Košice, Michalovce and Vyšné Nemecké.
Accommodation, Culture, Doprava, Education, For kids, Free time activities, Health, Information provision, Language courses, Material assistance, Mental health support, Social care
Psychological, social and paediatric, physiotherapeutic and pedagogical assistance.
Health, Mental health support, Social care
Psychological, social and paediatric assistance and physiotherapy.
Accommodation, Assistance services, Health, Information provision, Mental health support
Social counselling and a wide range of services for mothers, children, seniors and people with specific needs.
Financial advisory, For kids, Information provision, Mental health support, Services for seniors, Services for women, Sociálna starostlivosť, Zamestnanie, Zdravie
Agentúra TOP  
Certified translations of official documents and professional interpretation.
Interpretation, Translations
Movie evenings, discussions, library, Ukrainian movie and book club.
Culture, Free time activities, Vzdelávanie
Moznost volby  
Anonymous, free and safe counselling on sexual and reproductive health.
Financial advisory, Information provision, LGBTI+, Mental health support, Services for women
Classes and leisure activities for children, community centre and material aid.
Assistance services, For kids, Information provision, Komunitné centrum, Material assistance, Mental health support, Právne poradenstvo
Property rental app.
Interpretation, information services, legal advice.
Information provision, Interpretation, Legal advisory
Help with legal problems, lawyers providing free legal advice and services and their contact details.
Education, Legal advisory
Bratislavská Arcidiecézna Charita  
Material assistance, Slovak language courses, assistance in looking for schools, health care and jobs.
Jasovská 6, Bratislava
Assistance services, Community centre, Education, Language courses, Material assistance
Slovenská sporiteľňa  
Free personal accounts, money transfer to Ukraine.
Banking, Financial advisory
Advice in the field of education, employment, law and communication with authorities.
Strojárenská 3, Košice
Assistance services, Education, Information provision, Interpretation, Legal advisory, Mental health support
Free starter package with free minutes, data and a new SIM card.
Mobile networks
Leisure centre for young people, sports activities, workshops, film screening and a tea room.
Asistenčné centrum, Bottova 7, Bratislava
Art, Community centre, Education, Free time activities, Sport
Legal counselling, assisted returns, accommodation and financial assistance.
Grösslingová 35, Bratislava
Accommodation, Assistance services, Education, Employment, Financial help, Information provision, Language courses, Legal advisory, Social care