Material assistance for people from Ukraine delivered to the place of residence.
Location: All locations
17. April 2023


We provide material assistance to families who find temporary refuge in Slovakia, especially mothers with small children, sick people, people with specific needs and the elderly.

In particular, we help:

  • families who cannot come to the material assistance dispensary (mothers with small children, the sick and the elderly).
  • people from locations where material assistance is not available through dispensaries.
  • people with specific needs that cannot be dealt with at dispensaries.

You can ask for material assistance by filling in and sending the application for material assistance on

After your registration, we will start looking for suitable donors and will inform you about the next step.

We will deliver the assistance to your place of residence.

We want the assistance to be targeted. Therefore, you have the opportunity to come into personal contact with donors who will help you.

Due to the fact that donors come from the surrounding area, the impact on the environment is reduced, as the donated items do not have to be transported a long distance to you.