Veterinary care, entry to Slovakia with pets, advice.
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6. April 2023

The Animal Ombudsman provides free services to pet owners from Ukraine who are fleeing the war.

Get information about the transport, conditions of entry and stay of your pets in Slovakia before you travel or at any time after your arrival in Slovakia.

Help in finding accommodation, provision of food, crates and supplies for animals.

Provision of necessary veterinary care – chipping of animals and medical treatment as needed.

List of veterinary clinics.


  • Services are not available on public holidays.
  • Services are also provided by female staff.
  • Entry to most facilities is wheelchair-friendly.
  • These services are free of charge.

Opening hours

Monday: 8:00–18:00
Tuesday: 8:00–18:00
Wednesday: 8:00–18:00
Thursday: 8:00–18:00
Friday: 8:00–18:00