Step by step guide: How to search for accommodation in Slovakia or abroad

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Mareena has prepared a guide on how to find accommodation in Slovakia or abroad.

Step by step guide

1. Decide on the area where you want to live 

The more specific, the better. Take into account how the neighbourhood suits your needs – where nurseries are available for your children, where your child goes to school, where hospitals are available for your parents, etc. 

There are various groups on Facebook or Telegram where you can find information on your compatriots’ experiences. Those groups include “Ukrajinci v Bratislave”, “українці в нітрі”, “СПІЛКА УКРАЇНЦІВ В СЛОВАЧЧИНІ“, etc. 

Check with the local municipal office – call and see how many places are available in the nursery or if the local hospital has the doctor you need.

2. If your financial situation allows it, use the services of real estate agents

You can find real estate agencies in almost every city in Slovakia. However, they charge for their services, usually via commission –in the form of a one month’s rent that you are obliged to pay to the real estate agent. Tell the real estate agent your needs and preferences and they will find a suitable apartment for you.

You can also find Ukrainian real estate agents in Slovakia, including in Ukrainian groups on Facebook or Telegram. Type a keyword (e.g. realtor) into the group search and the answers will appear. Make sure to verify the person offering the service to avoid scams.

3. Network with others who are looking

If you are in a situation where you find it challenging to look for housing, you may explore connecting to other individuals in need of housing. There may be a person in a similar situation willing to rent together and share costs with you. However, in such situations exercise caution and take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. 

4. Learn words and phrases about housing

We recommend learning specific phrases and words in Slovak that will help you when making phone calls or inspecting apartments. Write down the words and phrases that interest you, use available online translators, and be prepared. Important phrases can also be found in this dictionary.

5. Search on the Internet 

The most effective way is to search the website. Try sites like , or Put in the filters that suit you and get in touch by phone or email. Don’t be afraid to write or call for any listings that suit you. Don’t wait!

You need to act fast, apartments in Slovakia are disappearing from the market very quickly, so don’t wait and call immediately.

6. Search Facebook Groups and Facebook Marketplace

It is very useful to search in Slovak Facebook groups and Facebook Marketplace. Find the group “Rent in …” (Bratislava, Nitra, Košice) and follow the listings regularly. You can reply to them via message. Facebook Marketplace will show you offers in your area. Make sure to stay safe from scams by verifying the adds.

7. Post into Slovak groups

The best thing you can do is to post an advert that you are looking for accommodation in Slovak in Slovak Facebook groups, for example like this: “Dobrý deň, sme slušná trojčlenná rodina z Ukrajiny a hľadáme byt cez štátny program v Bratislave. Prosím kontaktuje ma správou alebo na tel. čísle +421… Vopred ďakujem!“

8. Call any ad you like, right away

Properties come up very quickly, but they are also taken very quickly. So don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid to call every listing you like, right away. Make an appointment to see it and keep to time. However, it may happen that by the time your inspection time comes, the apartment will already be taken.

9. Don’t give up, it may take time

Given the highly increased demand and the scarcity of properties, brace yourself –   finding a residence may take longer than you would like, and you may encounter unpleasant comments, but don’t give up. Everyone we know has found an apartment so far, you will too.

Where you can search for apartments anywhere in Slovakia



They will find an apartment for you, but their services are paid.

Rebbid – ; online service;

Dunajská Streda

RE/MAX – ; Hlavná 28/7 Dunajská Streda; 031/550 55 55

PLUS Reality – ; Ulica Biskupa Kondého 4577/18 Dunajská Streda; 0905 819 462

Perfect Real – ; Sládkovičová 7326 Dunajská Streda; 0917 997 674

Direct Real Comfort – ; Bacsáková 244 Dunajská Streda; 0949 526 353

ProfiReality – ; Ružová 265 Dunajská Streda; 0918 875 869

A-W REAL – ; Alžbetínske námestie 328 Dunajská Streda; 0905 409 669

Xpert Reality – ; Galantská cesta 658/2H Dunajská Streda; 0918 478 312


Herrys – ; Žilinská 7-9, 811 05, Bratislava; 0948 217 888

Rivers – ; SKY PARK, Veža 1, Čulenová, 811 09, Bratislava; 0914 112 244

Axis real – ; Bosáková 5/a 851 04, Petržalka, Bratislava; 0948 100 222

Centrum Realít – ; Vajnorská 10595/98A, 831 04, Bratislava; 0911 662 958

RE/MAX – ; Cesta na Senec 2, 821 04, Bratislava; 02/492 443 01

Magnum Real – ; Plynárenská 3/A, 821 09, Bratislava; 0910 360 035

Bosen – ; Ružinosvká 42, 821 03, Bratislava; 0910 777 796

Halo reality – ; Račianska 1525/77, 831 02, Bratislava; 0905 784 757

1bcr – ; Sliačska 1/D, 831 02, Bratislava; 0901 789 818

Absolute real – ; Sekurisova 1920/4, 841 02, Bratislava; 0948 046 680 


KOyo real – ; Riazanská 66/A Šamorín; 0911 103 113

RE/MAX – ; Molecova 4C Šamorín; 0902 335 335

Samaria Real – ; Hlavná 835/25 Šamorín; 0918 560 705

Directreal Live – ; Gazdovský rad 39 Šamorín; 0905 619 194

Molnárová Anna – Realitná kancelária – Poľná 261 Šamorín; 0902 718 719

Imperium RK – ; Vodárenská 1889 Šamorín; 0905 715 840

EXCLUSIVE RPK – ; Primyselná 1238/6 Šamorín; 0948 790 840

A-nehnutelnosti  – ; Gazdovský rad 37D Šamorín; 0918 897 626

If you are interested in Ukrainian realtors, try searching in groups:




The best way is to post an advertisement (in Slovak) that you are looking for accommodation in Slovak Facebook groups. For example 

“Dobrý deň, sme slušná trojčlenná rodina z Ukrajiny a hľadáme byt cez štátny program v Bratislave. Prosím kontaktuje ma správou alebo na tel. čísle +421… Vopred ďakujem!”

Slovak groups

Dunajská Streda:

→ Bývanie a prenájom Dunajská Streda

→ Komunita Dunajská Streda – susedská diskusia 🙂 

→ Nehnuteľnosti Dunajská Streda

→ Reality okres KN, NZ, NR, DS (predaj, prenájom, rodinné domy, byty)


→ Prenájom a Podnájom v BA

→ Prenájom bytu Bratislava

→ Bratislava – Bývanie, Spolubývanie, nájom, prenájom, podnájom, byt, dom

→ Podnájom, prenájom, predaj ubytko Bratislava ┃

→ Bývanie a prenájom BA-bez REALITKY



→ Komunita Šamorín a okolie

→ Bývanie a prenájom Šamorín

→ Reality okres KN, NZ, NR, DS (predaj, prenájom, rodinné domy, byty)

Ukrainian groups

Ubytovanie pre Ukrajinu

Житло для біженців в Словаччині – Ubytovanie pre utecencov z Ukrajiny

Ukrajina Bývanie a Prenájom, Podnájom Bratislava 

Ukrajinci na Slovensku

Ukrajinci v Bratislave 

Utečenci z Ukrajiny – pomoc s dočasným ubytovaním 

Робота в Словаччині / Українці в Словаччині / Оголошення

Словаччина UA / Дошка оголошень / Українці в Словакії


Житло в Словаччині. Оренда, продаж нерухомості Slovensko, Žilina, Bratislava, Košice

Братислава | Словаччина | Українці в Братиславі

Житло в Братиславі

Українці👸🤴 в Словаччині🇸🇰Словакия🌞


As long as the state housing programme for refugees from Ukraine is in force (under which you can rent an apartment for free), you can stay in public and private hostels for free. The programme runs until the end of March 2024 for now and it is not yet known if it will be extended – we will know more at the end of March 2024.

Bottova 7, Bratislava – you need to go there and find out in person! – 0904 394 272


Gabčíkovo korpus 5 – 

Ubytovňa plus – Bratislava 

Ubytovanie ALRENT – Bratislava 

Turistická ubytovňa Ružinov – Bratislava 

Ubytovanie v meste – Bratislava


Free accommodation in asylum facilities of the Migration Office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic:

Opatovská Nová Ves – women and children

Humenné – for all

If you are interested, write an email to – you have to write the name, for how many people, whether Opatovská Nová Ves or Humenné. 

Information about the situation in other countries

A lawyer will help you with documents every Tuesday at the IOM office. 

If you are interested in moving to another EU country, try registering or ask what you are interested in in the Facebook groups – for example “Ukrainians in …” (Germany, Czech Republic, Poland). Or try calling the IOM hotline (you can find the number on Google) – they are all free.



Українці Німеччини

Німеччина UA / Дошка оголошень / Українці в Німеччині

Українці в Німеччині

Українці в Німеччині / Робота для українців в Німеччині

Українці у Німеччині / Украинцы в Германии

Робота в Німеччині. Работа в Германии. Arbeit in Deutschland 

Українці в Бельгії, Нідерландах та Німеччині

Czech Republic

Українці в Чехії

Чехія UA / Дошка оголошень / Українці в Чехії

Робота в Чехії / Українці в Чехії / Оголошення

Робота в Чехії

Робота в Чехії. Оголошення

Робота в Чехії, Українці в Чехії, Робота у Празі, Фушки Чехія







Робота для українців в Польщі

Робота в Польщі для українців

Українці в Польщі (Робота / Оголошення)

Українці у Польщі / Ukraińcy w Polsce 

Українці у Польщі! Робота, житло та корисна інформація!

Українці у Варшаві 


Українці в Європі

If you are also looking for a job

You can find job offers on the following portals, for example:

You can consult job opportunities:

Wednesday – Labour Office DS 

Tuesday, Thursday(10:00-16:00) – Jana from IOM, 4/315

Monday – Friday (8:00-16:00) – Integration centre of Košice district

Monday – Friday (8:30-16:00) – Assistance centre Bottova 

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