UNHCR-UNICEF 2023 Cash Assistance for vulnerable refugees in Slovakia

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What is the purpose of UNHCR-UNICEF Cash Programme in Slovakia?

Cash assistance will be provided to vulnerable individuals and families to minimize protection risks, and support with their basic needs. In addition, it will aim to ensure that beneficiaries of cash support are also linked to additional services they may need, and included in the national social protection system.

Who can benefit from UNHCR – UNICEF Cash Assistance?

UNHCR and UNICEF will support Ukrainian refugees, stateless persons and third country nationals affected by the war in Ukraine, and other refugees, asylum- seekers and stateless persons in Slovakia, who are considered particularly vulnerable, through the new cash programme.

Your request will be reviewed by UNHCR, including through an in-person interview, to check if you fulfil the necessary criteria specified below.

Who will be eligible for UNHCR – UNICEF cash assistance?

  • You are over 60 years old without sufficient family support; OR
  • You or your family member have a disability or serious medical condition; OR
  • You are a single parent or a caregiver; OR
  • You are a single pregnant or lactating mother.

UNHCR and UNICEF will prioritize especially those individuals and families who applied to or are considered vulnerable by the Slovak Labour Office [ Úrad práce], and also newly arrived vulnerable individuals and families that fall under the categories above.

In addition, eligible individuals and families need to be economically disadvantaged (e.g. not having regular employment or a regular source of income or source of income that is insufficient due to, for example, family members with disabilities or health condition). Supporting documents on disability or medical status will be requested during your interview.

How much is the cash assistance?

The amount is calculated based on the number of family members and their ages and vulnerabilities the number of categories mentioned above one falls in. The amount is aligned with the social assistance scheme of the Slovak Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family.

How can you enroll for the cash assistance?

Make an appointment on-line by visiting UNHCR Slovakia Help site. Then click “Request an appointment”. You will receive a SMS confirming your appointment date and location. The SMS may take several days to be sent to you after your request. Please do not submit multiple appointment requests.

What should you bring to your enrolment appointment?

  • Passport, ID or any other document that can prove your identity.
  • Slovak Number [Rodne cislo] issued when you were granted Temporary Protection or Asylum Seeker’s/Refugee Certificate.
  • Slovak phone number. Each family needs to have their own Slovak telephone number. Please do not share phone numbers among families.
  • Slovak Bank Account Number/ IBAN and bank contract (if you have one and you are the owner).
  • Please bring all family members to the enrolment appointment (if a family member has serious mobility issues or disabilities, you can inform during your interview).
  • Slovak Legal guardianship document (if applicable).
  • Documents provided by MoLSAF regarding the financial assistance or rejection letter (if available).

How will you know if the application is approved or not?

After your interview for the cash assistance, if the review process shows that you meet the eligibility criteria, an SMS is sent to you to confirm that you are eligible. If you do not meet the required criteria, you will receive an SMS informing you of the decision.

How will you receive the cash?

  • Bank transfer to your Slovak bank account if you have one; OR
  • Cash provided by any Western Union at the Post Offices in Slovakia. You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone confirming how you can collect the cash.

When will you receive the cash?

If you are eligible, your payment will be processed in a maximum of 20 days after registration. Please note if you have any issues with your payment you need to report it to our Helpline immediately (maximum of 20 working days after the planned payment).


Toll-Free Line: 0800 22 12 30 (calls from Slovak tel. number)

Non-Toll-Free Landline: +421 2 22 11 56 50 (calls from non-Slovak tel. number)

(working days)
Monday: 8:00 – 20:00
Tuesday: 8:00 – 20:00
Wednesday: 8:00 – 20:00
Thursday: 8:00 – 20:00
Friday: 8:00 – 20:00

Table of contents

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