How to cross the border from Ukraine to Slovakia? List of border crossings and available services.

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If you can, take the following items

  • identity card, passport (even after it has expired), birth certificate,
  • driving licence,
  • marriage certificate,
  • certificates of the highest education achieved (secondary school, university),
  • medication and medical documentation,
  • personal items with sentimental value.

Border crossings between Ukraine and Slovakia

You can use the following border crossings to enter Slovakia from Ukraine.

Map of border crossings from Ukraine to Slovakia.

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Uzhhorod – Vyšné Nemecké

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  • Open 24 hours a day.
  • Crossing for buses, cars, freight transport and humanitarian aid.
  • It is not possible to cross the border crossing on foot.
  • Direction – Sobrance, Michalovce and Košice.
  • Timetable from the nearest bus stop – Vyšné nemecké, š

Malyi Bereznyi – Ubľa

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  • Open 24 hours a day.
  • Crossing for pedestrians, cars, minibuses and small trucks up to 3,5t.
  • Non-profit organizations provide information directly behind the border crossing.
  • Direction – Humenné, Snina and Michalovce.
  • Timetable from the nearest bus stop – Ubľa, reštaurácia

Mali Selmentsi – Veľké Slemence

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  • Open daily from 8:00 to 20:00.
  • Crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Non-profit organizations provide information directly behind the border crossing.
  • Direction – Veľké Kapušany, Michalovce and Košice.
  • Timetable from the nearest bus stop – Veľké Slemence, kostol

Cop – Čierna nad Tisou

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  • Railway border crossing.
  • You can find timetables for the train route Mukachevo-Cop-Čierna nad Tisou-Košice at Timetables from Mukachevo.

Border crossing confirmation

The date of your entry into Slovakia is important information. You will need the confirmation with this date to obtain other official documents.

If you identify yourself with a biometric passport at the border crossing, the border control staff will stamp it with the date of crossing the border.

The border control staff will not stamp your Ukrainian identity card (internal passport / паспорт громадянина України).

If you are interested in staying in Slovakia, you can ask for temporary protection.

Get tickets for free public transport

If you have Ukrainian citizenship and you have not crossed the border to Slovakia in the last 30 days, you will get a “Slovak Help“ ticket with which you can travel by intercity buses and trains free of charge.

The border control stuff will give you the “Slovak Help“ ticket at the border crossing.

If you do not receive this ticket automatically, ask the Slovak border control staff to issue it.

Find more in the article on transport.


For your own safety, be extra careful when a stranger offers you a ride from the border. Check in advance whether and how much you will pay for the transport.

Bus and train lines from Ukraine to Slovakia

There are direct bus routes to Slovakia from several Ukrainian towns. The most frequent connection is from the border towns of Uzhhorod and Mukachevo. See bus departures at

Regular train lines to Slovakia run from Mukachevo and Cop railway stations. Train departures from Mukachevo / from Cop.

From the state border to the nearest town

You can get from all border crossings to the nearest district town by public bus transport.

Humenné, Michalovce, Prešov and Košice are important transport hubs in the east of Slovakia.

In these towns, you can change to long-distance bus lines or trains to other cities in Slovakia and neighbouring EU countries.

Nearest bus departures from border crossings

Looking for help?

If you still don’t know where to go after crossing the border, need more information or are looking for temporary accommodation, visit one of Help Centres.

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