About the project

Regularly updated and reliable information for people from Ukraine in Slovakia.

The website provides regularly updated information from verified sources about the conditions of entering and staying in Slovakia for people from Ukraine who, as a result of the war, had to leave their home and seek safety in another country. makes access to information easier, thanks to which refugees can make better decisions, protect themselves from the risks associated with migration and staying in a new country.

We regularly verify important information about staying in Slovakia, monitor legislative changes and publish them on our website. We choose topics based on the suggestions of our readers and the needs of refugees identified in field and online surveys.

We get the information published on our website from various sources.

  • Government institutions – ministries, state authorities and self-administrations.
  • Partner organizations – non-governmental organizations working in the field of migration and help to refugees. utečencom.
  • Mareena – Mareena field workers who are in daily contact with refugees and their needs. was established in 2022 as a reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mareena has been present on the border with Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Until the end of 2023, it provided important information to people from Ukraine looking for a safe place regardless of their nationality in Vyšné Nemecké.

People fleeing the war needed accurate and reliable information about their rights and possibilities in Slovakia. Therefore, in cooperation with League for Human Rights,

only a couple of days after the beginning of the invasion, we started the website

Since then, the needs of people from Ukraine have changed and the website has reflected this change. We have been updating the topics and information and adding answers to new questions.

Currently, the portal provides information about what we do and refers to the services of other organizations such as legal and material assistance, psychological support, cultural and community centres.

Since August 2022, part of Mareena’s activities – the development of this website and the provision of information in the field – has also been supported by an international organization International Rescue Committee.

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