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CAUTION: The “Health to Communities” project, led by EQUITA, will be finalised on 31.5.2024. The project covered the provision of information on the availability of healthcare in your region.

From 1.6.2024 it will only be possible to contact the helpline on the following telephone number: +421 948 339 647 or on the email address, where basic information about the possibilities of providing health care in Slovakia will be provided. In case of changes to the project termination, we will inform you immediately.


We provide health care support. We improve the access of people from Ukraine and other vulnerable persons to health care in Slovakia.

If you cannot get the health care you need, call us: +421 948 339 647.

We will advise you who you can contact or plan a visit to your place of residence.

We provide

  • Information on how to reach a doctor in your region.
  • Information on the functioning of the health care system in Slovakia.
  • Instructions on your rights and obligations in the health care system.
  • Confidential consultation of your health condition or current living situation.
  • Assistance and further support focused on improving your health condition, as well as your living situation.
  • Care of people who have experienced violence.


  • The services are for adults and children who have been granted the status of temporary protection in Slovakia.
  • The services are free of charge.
  • The services are also provided by female staff.
  • The services are not available on public holidays.


+421 948 339 647


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