If you have applied or have already been granted temporary refuge, asylum or subsidiary protection, you are entitled to basic state assistance.

The application for the assessment of entitlement to assistance in material need must be submitted at a large-scale registration centre or at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, in whose territorial jurisdiction you are located. Here you can also ask for the necessary advice.

You will need a certificate of tolerated stay (“dočasné útočisko”) in Slovakia to apply. Material need is assessed on the basis of income and the number of ‘jointly assessed persons’ – a single person, or a couple and children up to the age of 25.

The allowance will be paid to you each month either by postal order to the address you give in your application (in this case, make sure your name is on the letterbox) or by transfer to a bank account you have set up in Slovakia (in this case, you will need to provide a copy of the contract with the bank). The first allowance is paid the month after you apply for material need (usually in the second half of the following month). You must report any change in the way the allowance is paid to the relevant Labour, Social Affairs and Family Office.

If you become employed, if the number of members of your family in the Slovak Republic changes or if your home address changes, you are obliged to report this change to the Labour, Social Affairs and Family Office within 8 days. If you are employed, you must submit a contract of employment or agreement and a certificate of income. The provision of material need benefit may continue even if you take up employment (depending on the amount of income). If the claimant and the jointly assessed persons move out of the Slovak Republic, their entitlement to material need assistance will cease.


You can check the conditions of contributions and amount of grant (depending on the number of household members in the Slovak Republic and their income) HERE (SK).

Children who attend a kindergarten or primary school and are from households receiving state aid for material need are entitled to a subsidy for food and school supplies (the application is submitted by the school’s founder).

↗ Frequently asked questions on employment, material hardship allowance and subsidies for children SK, UK, EN

↗ Contacts and opening hours of labor, social affairs and family departments.

↗ More information and the application form can be found on the website of the Center for Labor, Social Affairs and the Family  (SK/UK/EN).

If you need specific material assistance (clothing, material equipment for children or household, food), please contact the civic initiatives mafu.sk or Who Will Help Ukraine

↗Overview map of material aid in Slovak cities and Bratislava