People who apply for asylum are accommodated in the facility of the Migration Office in Humenné.

People who request temporary refuge have the opportunity to be accommodated in the facility of the Migration Office in Humenné during the temporary asylum procedure, or, if possible, in private. If the capacities of humanitarian centers or other asylum facilities are filled and no contribution to the entitled person for your accommodation is provided, you will be provided with the means to obtain accommodation at the level of a humanitarian center. If you are staying outside the asylum facility, you are obliged to immediately notify this fact in writing to the asylum facility where you were last registered or to the Ministry of the Interior.

Currently, citizens of Ukraine who have entered the territory of the Slovak republic, are offered by the state and local governments the opportunity to stay in various facilities in several locations in Slovakia. We recommend that you apply for accommodation to large-capacity facilities in Michalovce, Humenné, Nitra, Žilina and Bratislava, or directly to the offices of district, city and municipal offices where you are located or where you are interested in being accommodated.

Currently, the state offers citizens of Ukraine who have entered the territory of the Slovak Republic the opportunity to stay in state and self-governing facilities in several localities in Slovakia. You can find the current list of state-provided, hotel and private accommodation options at

The State also currently provides allowances to private individuals (also referred to as “beneficiaries”) who provide accommodation free of charge to persons granted with temporary refuge status. The authorized person will then sign an accommodation contract with you, and you are obliged to notify the municipality in person that the authorized person is providing you with accommodation once a month during the period of the accommodation.

↗All the necessary information on the accommodation allowance for foreigners, including the necessary forms (model accommodation contract, affidavit) are published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

If you seek temporary or long-term accommodation offered by individuals or companies based in Slovakia, on the official website of the Ministry of Transport or on the website of the civic initiative, or via the Ukraine-Slovakia SOS form.

However, keep in mind that this is private accommodation, so make sure you check in advance who you are going to stay with and what the accommodation conditions are. 

If you are provided with free private accommodation, the landlord has the opportunity to ask the municipality for a contribution for accommodation. ↗ Information on the possibility of obtaining an accommodation allowance for displaced person. 

Based on your personal circumstances and preference, you can also use commercial rental, hostel or hotel accommodation.

Accommodation allowance for expatriates

  • The adoption of Slovak Government Decrees No.218/2022 Coll. and No.219/2022 Coll. extended the provision of the accommodation allowance for refugees from Ukraine until September 9, 2022 and at the same time increased its amount as follows:
    • 8 EUR/adult/day and 4 EUR/child up to 15 years/day for accommodation in a property used for housing (the maximum per m2 has also been adjusted) 
    • for non-residential buildings used for short-term accommodation to 12 EUR/adult/day and 6 EUR/child under 15/day 
    • for accommodation establishments at 22 EUR/adult/day and 11 EUR/child under 15/day